Auction Drafts with a Truly International Spin

With Opening Day (stateside) coming up, the last of the fantasy baseball drafts are taking place.  There are many types of drafts to take part in, but perhaps the most challenging is the auction draft.  Well, the VORG wondered if you could make the auction draft even MORE challenging (and/or nerdy) by requiring participants to … Read moreAuction Drafts with a Truly International Spin

The VORG’s List of Unique Names in Baseball History

Fans of the VORG know the topics that make the blog burn bright . . . and those fans tweet items that often end up as posts.  Such as this recent exchange:

Neal Kendrick @funbaseballfact

Xander Bogaerts is about to be the only Xander in MLB history and the only Bogaerts in MLB history. Any other unique first & last name guys?

@Bill_TPA @dianagram @HighHeatStats I thought of Shin-Soo Choo. But yeah, this has Dianagram written all over it.

So, using the Lahman Baseball Database as our guide, here are the players with unique names to have played from 1871 through 2012.  We may have missed some names due to typos or variations in spelling of names.  But this should be a reasonably complete list (note that some of these players [like Wilmer Font] will fall off this list after I add in the 2013 debuts [like Wilmer Flores], but that can wait until after the season ends):

Gibson Alba
Gair Allie
Yonder Alonso
Porfi Altamirano
Norichika Aoki
Rugger Ardizoia
Tucker Ashford
Elden Auker

Read moreThe VORG’s List of Unique Names in Baseball History

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